Our Story

Sthenos, the Greek word for strength, proves our endurance comes not only from physical capacity, but also from an unyielding will. Reflecting our daily challenges and ability to overcome new obstacles in life, Sthenos Activewear embodies fortitude and the competitive spirit. That is what Sthenos CEO and co-founder, Johanna Stravrakaki, has built her brand and life on.

Raised in Ottawa, Canada, Johanna was diagnosed with a nonverbal learning disability at an early age. Being told she would never be able to get through college, let alone accomplish the goals she had set for herself, Johanna persevered and eventually earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from Plattsburg University with Cum Laude.

Shortly after, she simultaneously began her successful career as a personal trainer, fitness model, and figure competitor. It was then she realized the lack of fitness gear that reflected the creativity and expression of art within the clothing. Through her love of the arts and athletics, Johanna began sketching and creating pieces inspired by her day-to-day experiences and translated the designs into an activewear collection- bridging the gap between both worlds.

Eventually Johanna moved to Los Angeles where she connected with designer and brand manager, Kristine Miller Marks, who helped integrate Sthenos into the U.S. market. By 2015, Johanna had taken on a new purpose; to inspire a new generation of women to tackle any hurdles with ‘Sthenos Activewear’. Today, the brand continues to thrive and aims to inspire women to be their best possible self.