Sthenos - The official Activewear sponsors of Americas Miss World 2017
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Miss World

We're excited to announce that Sthenos Activewear will be the official activewear sponsor of America's Miss World! Each National Finalist will model a style by Sthenos, designed and made in the United States, to showcase their dedication to a healthy lifestyle. The winner of America's Miss World will wear Sthenos Activewear at the sports competition at Miss World 2017 in China.

The women in this competition embody the same values we pursue as a company – a competitive spirit, physical and mental fortitude, a commitment to a healthy lifestyle and the desire to bring fashion and fun to everything we do. We look forward to seeing all of these inspiring women participating in this competition and will enjoy watching the excitement, energy and beauty we know they will all bring to our unique line of women’s activewear.

Keep watching this space for more!!