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Our Story

Life provides each of us with the most beautiful and unique experiences. We continually challenge each other and ourselves to be our best self, our strongest self. That is what Sthenos CEO and co-founder Johanna Stravrakaki has built her brand and principle on.

Raised in Ottawa, Canada Johanna was diagnosed at an early age with a non-verbal learning disability.

She quickly realized how unforgiving the world could be when you’re different and almost immediately grew a thick skin, but still needed a creative outlet. This is when she discovered her love of the arts and athletics. With perseverance, drive and dedication, Johanna achieved one of her goals; She earned a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from Plattsburg University with Cum Laude.

Johanna’s go-getter personality eventually took her down the path of athleticism, where she simultaneously began a career as a personal trainer, fitness model and figure competitor.

It was here she realized firsthand there was a gap between the arts and fitness world that needed to be bridged. Johanna began sketching and creating pieces from her day-to-day experiences and naturally translated those ideas onto activewear pieces.

She took a leap of faith and moved to Los Angeles where she eventually crossed paths with Design and Brand Manager, Kristine Miller Marks, who helped bring Sthenos into the U.S market.

In 2015 will a little extra support from her mother Chrissoula Stavrakaki, Johanna has taken on her new purpose; To inspire a new generation of women to overcome any hurdles head on with ‘Sthenos Activewear’.

Sthenos, the Greek word for Strength, proves our fortitude comes not only from physical capacity, but also from an unyielding will.

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